M2108 | Styles buy - MANSTORE for men


What do the coronavirus and an attack dog have in common? The fact that you should really keep your distance. And that’s the idea behind this print series. A sophisticated abstract dog’s head with bared teeth is printed onto super-stretchy microfibre fabric in a checker board pattern. And the tower thong, X-cut jock and tight low-rise brief do little to tame the beast. Perennially classic styles include the brief, pants and leggings, featuring a contrasting waistband that is supple and soft. Face masks could very well remain a provocative fashion accessory even after the pandemic.

Canine undies make the perfect mate for the classic-cut wet-look T-shirt with stylised dog’s head M2109. And for bonus showstopper appeal: charge the image in a bright light, and it will glow in the dark like the luminous hands of your wristwatch.